About Me

I'm John M Jacobson

Photographer / Cinematographer

I am an accomplished professional, with over two decades of award-winning photography, cinematography, broadcast, and video production experience within news, advertising, and television. Looking to educate myself on the world early in my career, I moved to Africa in the early nineties and soon found myself bouncing from one third-world assignment to the next. Traveling through over a hundred countries and covering over 30 war zones; ten years pass and I have earned a deep appreciation for storytelling, a sincere passion for travel, and somehow fluent in nine languages.
From the frontlines to a global advertising agency, in 2006 I relocated to Singapore, later San Francisco, and spent seven years producing television campaign assets and online video marketing content for clients around the world.
Today, I am back home in the California mountains and produce advertising and marketing assets for clients worldwide, with the occasional television or film production and travel editorial assignment. Specializing in action sports, the outdoors, travel, events, and lifestyle; I am often traveling the world in search of impacting storytelling assets and continue to be influential developing attention grabbing imagery for clients of all types.

Photographer & VIDEO PRODUCER
based in LAKE TAHOE - available Worldwide

John Jacobson

"Everyone does something good, only a few make remarkable things"
From the frontlines to global advertising to action sports, I have been influential developing attention grabbing imagery for over two decades.