Embarking on my journey in the music industry, my foray into live music photography traces back to the early ’90s, where I found myself immersed in the burgeoning Seattle music scene. Armed with a camera, I captured the raw, unbridled energy of emerging bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, documenting the seismic shifts in the musical landscape that would shape the grunge era.

As the pulse of the Seattle music scene echoed worldwide, my lens became a witness to the transformative power of music. The intimate clubs and underground venues served as the backdrop for my early photography endeavors, capturing the authenticity and rebellion that defined the spirit of that era. The images not only documented performances but also encapsulated the zeitgeist of a movement that would redefine the sound of a generation.

As the ’90s unfolded, my lens continued to focus on the seismic shifts in the music landscape, evolving alongside the industry. I found myself called to cover old friends who had become iconic figures in the music world, including Stone Temple Pilots, Korn, Jane’s Addiction, and more. Each frame was a testament to the enduring camaraderie forged in the crucible of the music industry, showcasing the evolution of artists and the lasting impact of their contributions.

Beyond capturing individual performances, my work extended to collaborations with major labels such as A&M and Sony. This intersection of artistry and industry allowed me to navigate the multifaceted dynamics of the music business. From photographing album covers to promotional materials, my lens played a pivotal role in shaping the visual narratives that accompanied the sonic journeys of celebrated musicians.

The transition from the grunge era to the new millennium marked a shift in the music industry’s landscape. Yet, my commitment to documenting the pulsating heartbeat of live music remained unwavering. The ever-evolving visual language of music found expression through my lens, embracing technological advancements to enhance the storytelling process.

In traversing the global music scene, my work became a celebration of the eclectic sounds, diverse talents, and enduring spirit of musicians across genres. From intimate venues to colossal stages, the common thread weaving through my photographic journey was the profound impact of music on the human experience. Through each frame, I sought to capture not just the performances but the essence of the artists and the transformative power of their craft.