TV & Film


My journey into the realm of film and television began as a still photographer, capturing the essence of cinematic moments. This initiation into the art of visual storytelling laid the foundation for a captivating odyssey that unfolded across various film sets.

The transition from still photography to operating a camera brought forth new dimensions of storytelling. As a camera operator, I found myself immersed in diverse projects, each presenting a unique canvas of narratives. From joining Anthony Bourdain’s culinary expedition in “A Cook’s Tour” to contributing my lens to acclaimed films like “Syriana” and “War Inc.,” every project became a chapter in my visual storytelling exploration.

The film industry, with its dynamic and collaborative environment, provided an ever-changing landscape for creativity. Working alongside talented individuals and visionaries, I played a role in crafting visual narratives that resonated with audiences worldwide. The fast-paced nature of film and television production honed my adaptability, pushing me to embrace challenges and innovate within the constraints of time and resources.

One of the pivotal moments in my career was being part of “Flame,” my maiden voyage into feature film production. This experience not only ignited my passion for cinematic storytelling but also exposed me to the intricate dance between visuals, narrative, and the collaborative spirit that defines the film industry.

As the frames rolled, I found myself contributing to an array of projects, from documentaries that delved into diverse cultures to fictional narratives that tackled complex geopolitical landscapes. The camera, my trusted companion, became a conduit for translating scripts into visual symphonies, capturing the nuances of storytelling in every frame.

As I reflect on my experiences within film and television, I carry with me the memories of collaborative endeavors, creative breakthroughs, and the ceaseless pursuit of capturing the essence of a story through the lens. This journey has not only shaped my professional identity but has fueled an enduring passion for the visual language of storytelling that continues to evolve with each cinematic endeavor.