Living Wine Labels & J. Walter Thompson


As the video editor at J. Walter Thompson San Francisco, my journey was marked by crafting immersive narratives for iconic brands such as Air China, Aperol, Apple, Wild Turkey, and Treasure Wine Estates.

Augmented Reality Brilliance: Transforming Labels into Stories

At the forefront of innovation, we redefined wine labels through augmented reality. My role was pivotal in seamlessly editing videos that turned static labels into dynamic, interactive experiences. With a simple scan, consumers embarked on journeys into the history, winemaking process, and narratives behind each bottle.

Major Accolades: Where Creativity Meets Awards

The Living Wine Labels campaign was more than groundbreaking – it earned major advertising awards, solidifying its impact on the industry. Brands like 19 Crimes, Embrazen, and The Walking Dead wines garnered recognition for their innovative storytelling, elevating consumer engagement and redefining brand experiences.

Legacy of Creativity: Shaping the Future of Advertising

Reflecting on my tenure at J. Walter Thompson, the Living Wine Labels project, and its accolades for 19 Crimes, Embrazen, and The Walking Dead wines, remains a testament to the agency’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries. It’s a legacy that continues to inspire my journey, where storytelling meets technology to create narratives that captivate and redefine brand engagement.