John M Jacobson


About Me

Creative Leadership Odyssey: A Nuanced Unveiling

Embarking on a dynamic and deadline-driven career spanning over two decades, my journey has unfolded as a tapestry, intricately weaving together diverse skills across multiple creative realms—ranging from photography to AI. This narrative-driven ethos defines my creative approach and has evolved into a leadership journey that navigates the complexities of war zones, feature films, leading ad agencies, and pioneering tech companies.

Capturing Moments in Pixels: The Photography Chapter

Initiating my visual odyssey in photography, I mastered the art of freezing moments and crafting compelling narratives through the lens. This early phase included covering the pulse of the Seattle music scene and, more dramatically, reporting from war zones, such as the Rwandan Genocide and the Ivory Coast War.

Film and Web Design: A Dynamic Narrative Evolution

Transitioning seamlessly into film and web design, I embraced the challenge of translating stories into dynamic, visually engaging experiences. This phase also saw me contributing to feature films like “Flame” and directing documentaries, including “God Gift” and “Beyond the Forbidden Zone.”

Product Design: Sculpting Tangible Experiences

Venturing into product design, I explored the delicate intersection of form and function. This journey included collaborations with leading ad agencies, where the emphasis was on crafting products seamlessly integrated into users’ lives, extending the narrative to the physical realm.

AR and AI: Pioneering Transformative Realms

As technology metamorphosed, so did my creative pursuits. The exploration of augmented reality and artificial intelligence marked a transformative phase, where I worked with tech giants like Google and Mapbox. This period involved pushing boundaries to redefine possibilities and creating groundbreaking innovations.

Crafting Narratives: Journalism and Advertising

My journey extended into journalism and advertising, where the potency of narrative took center stage. This included field-producing coverage of world events and politics, covering conflicts, and eventually transitioning to producing TVCs for leading clients such as Nivea, Toyota, and Unilever.

Navigating the Tech Horizon: Innovation Unleashed

Embracing technology, I found myself at the cutting edge, working with leading tech companies like Google and Mapbox. This period involved showcasing progress for giants like Google, Uber, Snapchat, and more. The goal remained steadfast – staying ahead of the curve and leveraging emerging tools for impactful storytelling in the digital age.

The Unifying Essence: Creativity and Adaptability

What binds this diverse portfolio is the unifying thread of creativity and adaptability. Whether through the lens of a camera, the code of a website, or the design of a product, a steadfast commitment to innovative, user-centric experiences remains the constant theme.

In the dynamic landscape of creativity, my journey is an ongoing exploration. Each skill set informs the other, creating a holistic approach that gracefully adapts to the ever-evolving demands of the creative and technological spheres. Today, as a Creative Director, this odyssey has manifested into a leadership ethos, guiding teams to envision and execute groundbreaking narratives that transcend traditional boundaries.


Adobe Creative Suite 100%
Premiere 95%
After Effects 92%
Photoshop 90%
Maya 90%
Cinema 4D 90%
Davinci Resolve 90%
Illustrator 85%
InDesign 80%
Unreal 75%
Unity 75%
Final Cut 75%
AR Kit and AR Core 70%


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