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  • Google Visions & 1NEai Wearables
    Stepping into the dynamic realm of innovation, my role as Creative Director for Google Vision products marked a chapter where creativity and technology converged in groundbreaking ways.
  • Living Wine Labels & J. Walter Thompson
    As the video editor at J. Walter Thompson San Francisco, my journey was marked by crafting immersive narratives for iconic brands such as Air China, Aperol, Apple, Wild Turkey, and Treasure Wine Estates.
  • Google
    Embarking on a transformative role as the Executive Producer at Google, I took charge of the Visions Team, steering an innovative course through the dynamic landscape of technology and visual storytelling.
  • Mapbox
    Mapbox, a leading location data platform, unveiled a canvas of boundless opportunities. As the Creative Producer, my task was to transform the intricacies of maps into captivating narratives, where I thrived at the crossroads of advanced technology and visual storytelling.
  • Advertising Portfolio
    From conceptualization to execution, my proficiency in seamlessly merging captivating advertising and marketing visuals with compelling narratives has consistently led to impactful storytelling that resonates deeply with global audiences.
  • Technology Portfolio
    Stepping into the dynamic realm of innovation, my roles as Executive and Creative Producer for Google, Mapbox, and 1NEai, marking a chapter where creativity and technology converged in groundbreaking ways.
  • Motion Graphics Portfolio
    Where creativity meets innovation to bring visuals to life in dynamic and captivating ways. Expertise in blending artistry with cutting-edge technology to deliver impactful storytelling and immersive experiences.
  • Creative Design Portfolio
    My creative journey encompasses a diverse range of skills, with experience in prominent ad agencies, large tech companies, and collaborations with leading clients, spanning from photography, film and video, and web design to product design, augmented reality, and AI.
  • Video Production Portfolio
    I’ve had the honor of crafting compelling narratives and bringing ideas to life. From dynamic commercials to immersive documentaries, each project showcases my dedication to quality, innovation, and impactful storytelling.
  • Photography Portfolio
    A visual journey spanning over 20 years of capturing the essence of our diverse world. Through my lens, I’ve had the privilege of documenting captivating moments across every corner of the globe, from live events to remote warzones, and everything in between. Each photograph tells a unique story, reflecting the reality, diversity, and humanity of… Read more: Photography Portfolio
  • Red Bull Rampage
    In the heart of extreme sports, where adrenaline surges and limits are constantly redefined, my lens found its home – documenting the breathtaking Red Bull Rampage event over several thrilling years.
  • Vail Resorts & Heavenly Mountain
    Having spent several exhilarating years immersed in the world of Red Bull and its dynamic partnership programs, I found myself in the heart of Vail Resorts at Heavenly Mountain Resort. As a marketing video producer, photographer, and content provider, my lens captured the essence of not just skiing and snowboarding but the entire tapestry of… Read more: Vail Resorts & Heavenly Mountain
  • TV & Film
    My journey into the realm of film and television began as a still photographer, capturing the essence of cinematic moments. This initiation into the art of visual storytelling laid the foundation for a captivating odyssey that unfolded across various film sets. The transition from still photography to operating a camera brought forth new dimensions of… Read more: TV & Film
  • Music
    Embarking on my journey in the music industry, my foray into live music photography traces back to the early ’90s, where I found myself immersed in the burgeoning Seattle music scene. Armed with a camera, I captured the raw, unbridled energy of emerging bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, documenting the seismic shifts in the musical… Read more: Music
  • Photojournalism
    Embarking on the challenging yet essential role of a photojournalist for Reuters News Service from 1990 to 2006, I found myself immersed in the heart of some of the world’s most tumultuous regions. I witnessed and documented the unfolding stories of conflict, political upheavals, and social unrest across the vast landscapes of Africa, the Middle… Read more: Photojournalism